Location: Withcott, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Nov 2003

On the left side of the highway there is a, what I would call it a forest, but allot of trees that stretch all over the hills around Withcott.

Looking straight on the left hand side of the highway as you enter Withcott there is a plain of grass leading to the trees. Deep into the bush is where I saw a yowie.

The bush has allot of eucalypt trees and iron bark trees. The foliage is thick and the ground is covered in dead sticks and fallen trees.

There are a lot of burnt trees and charred ground because a fire went through there about 5 months ago. Now there trees are full of re-growth and it is thick and green in most parts.

There is a large area that would be about 100 metres wide and on both sides of it there are the steep sides of the hill and it goes on like this for a very long way. There are a lot of rocks around to both big and small.

The first thing I heard was sticks cracking as it walked, it sounded like it was trying to creep up on me. It was behind a bush looking through the slightly parted leaves staring right at me.

I saw a large creature about 9 feet tall covered in thick brownish black hair all over its body. It looked very strong and muscular.

It’s had a large upper body and large hands and feet and very broad shoulders. It looked like a giant hairy human but much bigger. It had a face almost like a gorilla.

When it ran off it pushed huge trees and fallen logs out of its way with ease and ran with tremendous speed in a northerly direction.

I would have seen it for about 20 seconds at 10 metres or less.

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