Location: Wentworth Falls, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2003

Time: Night


 **Sighting Synopsis Only**


Justin went for a drive after a disagreement with his girlfriend. He headed past the abandoned Hospital and along Tableland Road, which is a dirt road in thick bushland.


Driving slowly, a large black figure came out from the bush on the left hand side of the road and he braked heavily. Then from the right, another two even larger figures appeared. They were between 7 and 8 feet tall.


The first figure was on the road and the other two still halfway in the bush. All three stood there looking at each other and making gestures towards the car. Justin says “I was freaking out by this stage – They looked like they were plotting something”.


He put his head down and when he raised it, they were walking towards the car. He began swearing and yelling at them to go away.



At this stage they were walking around the car at an estimated distance of only 1.5m in a U shape around the back and sides of the car - but not in front of the car headlights. “They kept walking from passenger door to driver door”.

The moment he blew the air horns in the car, they ran back off into the bush.


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