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South Australian Footage - Panther?2035 viewsDaryl Collins took footage of a large black cat running up the side of a sand hill in South Australia
Temby Cat Print - Panther?1421 viewsA very clear shot showing the print from the large black cat that was advancing on the Kangeroo (footage URL on this page)
Australian Big Cats1172 viewsAustralian Big Cats: An Unnatural History of Panthers by Michael Williams and Rebecca Lang explores 150 years’ worth of bigcat sightings around Australia and New Zealand. To purchase you own copy today visit www.australianbigcats.com.au
McPherson Footage - Panther?2545 viewsBob McPherson took photos of a very large black cat that could be a Panther in Victoria in 2007
McPherson Footage - Panther?2757 viewsBob McPherson took photos of a very large black cat that could be a Panther in Victoria in 2007
Northern Territory Cat Footage - Panther?2503 viewsFootage taken in the Northen Territory of what appears to be a possible Puma
Size Comparison2277 viewsSize comparison between a Dingo on the left and large feral cat on the right
Qld Cub2597 viewsVideo footage taken in Queensland in 1994 of what appears to be a Lion Cub walking through the long grass?
The Eric Hyland Prints - Panther?1807 views
Print found near Daisy Hill, Victoria - Panther?1623 viewsFound between Daisy Hill and the Bung Bong Rangers by Les Flemming
Euroa lion Print - Panther?1549 viewsFound and cast in Euroa, Victoria and dubbed the "Euroa Lion".
Burston Footage Southern Grampians 2004 - Panther?2142 views
Burston Footage Southern Grampians 2004 - Panther?1815 views
Burston Footage Southern Grampians 2004 - Panther?1853 views
Glenwood Qld Big Cat Print - Panther?1620 views"I grew up in the bush and I know when big cats are around," he said. "I've heard this cat before. It's not a kangaroo or a dog ... it's a caterwauling and sometimes it sort of grunts and chuffs."
Still from the Lithgow Panther video 20082533 viewsPanther or large Feral? This footage was all over the News and still causes conjecture and debate. To see the video, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otXbm9TnV0U
Wilsons Prom sighting 1997 - Panther?1949 viewsThey had stopped the car at about five o’clock to let our two girls have a closer look at some kangaroos. Marilyn stayed in the car, and spotted the cat up on the hill.
Otways Cat Print 2010 - Panther?1536 viewsPicture from the Geelong Advertiser of prints found in the notorius Cat sighting area of the Otways, Victoria.
Folder Cover!1822 views
Steve Temby Big Cat footage - Panther?2122 viewsFootage taken in 2000 of a large black cat in Grampian Mountains of Victoria. To see the video, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3yzg94Y4QQ
Steve Temby Big Cat Print - Panther?1391 viewsPrint was found in the Grampians, Victoria.
In June 2005 Kurt Engel shot what he claimed was a large cat in near the Sale, Victoria - Panther?2172 viewsThe tail was 26" long. Strangely and sadly, he threw the body into a river, only retaining the tail. Despite efforts to retrieve it, it is lost for good.
Ninety Mile Beach, South Eastern Victoria - Panther?1849 viewsJohn Patterson found this Cat print on a sand dune at 90 mile beach, Victoria
Unidentified picture of a Black Cat in an Eastern Coastal area of Australia - Panther?2330 views
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