Location: Goonoo Forest (Dubbo), New South Wales


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: 1998


Witness: Dion







During the spring of 98 or 99 we were driving up to Byron bay for our holiday. We had just past through Dubbo to get to our destination for the night Coonabarrabran. We took the turn off along Mendooran Rd and through Goonoo State forest, and this where I first sighted the big fella.

I would estimate him to have been about 5 feet tall only a small one. Very wide shoulders, long arms small legs compared to his arms and long orange-red fur.


I never saw his face as he was just casually walking away from the car as it drove past.

I got the strange sensation that something was watching us on a number of different occasions while we drove up this stretch of road. You could almost ‘Feel’ someone there watching but ‘I never saw anything’. It was after these feelings and in a separate location that I saw him, just walking off away from the road.


At the time I really didn’t believe what I saw and a few days later forgot about the experience and just put it down to being a roo, don’t know why really. I think it was because my mind wasn’t able to comprehend what I saw and I forgot about the experience until I stumble upon this site a few years back after discovering a strange footprint while walking though the scrub out near Noojie in Victoria .


Once I read a few reports on the Yowie and had some other valid reports to reassure what I had seen was in fact a Yowie my memory came jotting back. It’s strange how the mind works sometimes.


From that day on, I was intrigued to find out more. It has intrigued be to this day that the strong feelings these creatures give off.











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